Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder and CEO

Hometown? Cromwell, Connecticut

Education? B.S. from George Washington in Political Science with a focus on Public Policy. M.A in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Vice President of the United States. I think data will become transformative to democracy. The way we do things right now is largely an absence of data in informing decisions. In my mind, we can do better.

Why did you found Open Data Nation? I saw cities publishing vast amounts of data and creating maps and dashboards that didn’t help them answer the questions that they were asking. I know that data could help inform and participate in the conversation. Unfortunately, despite publishing data, most cities don’t have the technical expertise or awareness of data science. But I do, so I figured out how to make a business out of the idea for the future I see.