Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder and CEO

Hometown? Cromwell, Connecticut

Education? B.S. from George Washington in Political Science with a focus on Public Policy. M.A in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Why did you found Open Data Nation? I saw cities publishing vast amounts of data and creating maps and dashboards that didn’t help them answer the questions that they were asking. I know that data could help inform and participate in the conversation. Unfortunately, despite publishing data, most cities don’t have the technical expertise or awareness of data science. But I do, so I figured out how to make a business out of the idea for the future I see.

Jiayi Yang, Data Scientist

Hometown? Beijing, China

Education? China Agricultural University and University of Denver for B.A. in Economics and Mathematics minor, George Washington University for M.S. in Data Science

What do you like best about working with Open Data Nation? The best thing is that these projects can really help people. FIVAR has already been doing its work. Vision Zero can help all over the country.

Daniel Wossenu, Data Scientist

Hometown? Lake Worth, Borden Beach Florida

Education? University of Florida B.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.A from Georgia Tech

What was your first job? Continuous Improvement Engineer for Kraft and Kraft Heinz. We made Jello, Crystalline, and lots of dry packs in that facility. My job was how to make these better, faster, safer, and cheaper.

What do you like best about working with Open Data Nation? Working with the cities, seeing a side of city management I haven’t seen before and stages of data collection and data openness that different cities are at is eye opening.