Focus on real-time safety risks


We combine detailed public records and industry expertise to reveal new, leading indicators of risk. Taking advantage of the latest advances in data analytics and data science, our solutions provide business intelligence at the right place and time. 


Prevent crashes
Save lives


Open Data Nation is teaming up with Microsoft to advance the goals of Vision Zero, an international smart city initiative currently in 40 US cities, to reduce traffic crash fatalities to zero.

“This represents a giant step forward in the smart city movement... [Today] we begin being better stewards for the smarter nation of tomorrow.”  
-- CEO of Open Data Nation via Microsoft Blog

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Stop foodborne illness outbreaks
Avoid workplace injuries


For health departments

Prioritize inspections to the
businesses most likely to fail inspections


For business and their insurers

Detecting twice as many risks,
before there are losses and liability.

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We are keen to adapt other proven examples
to places with the same issue and similar data. 

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