We help administrators make data-driven decisions
about the most pressing urban issues.


Public Health


Most cities have fewer than a dozen inspectors charged with inspecting thousands of restaurants each year. Sending inspectors to restaurants that are more likely to have a violation can protect diners from illnesses like E. coli and Salmonella.

FIVAR deploy inspectors efficiently and minimizes exposure to food-borne illness.

  • 27% more critical violations identified
  • Violations identified three days earlier, on average
  • Estimated savings of $2 million, in the first year


Keeping public elevators running is a priority for tall buildings and necessary for the disabled to continue accessing public services and transportation systems.

Our tool considers both the inspection and repair history of the elevator and environmental conditions, such as the weather, to keep elevators running, rather than only being responsive after they break.


Traffic Safety

Road repairs, such as repainting faded crosswalks, are intended to
increase public safety in busy intersections.

Our tool incorporates information about which intersections are dangerous and help know what repairs to do and when, allocating limited resources to reduce traffic crashes and improve public safety.


And More...

We are keen to use open data science, no matter the issue area.
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