The Best of the Open Data Awards Nominees

On June 15, Open Data Nation was shortlisted for an Open Data Business Award from the Open Data Institute and Bloomberg Foundation. We are excited to be in such great company of innovative companies and inspirational leaders using open data to do social good around the world, from Uruguay to Brazil and Italy to Ukraine.

As part of the application process, companies are invited to share their contact information and a brief description of their work. Here’s our three favorites:

Open Data Nation (of course!!!): Open Data Nation introduces the benefits of open data and trains employees who use data to share, which results in a culture of transparency and an ecosystem for new collaborations. We connect those looking to fill contract or full-time positions with local civic technologists and residents to create novel open data solutions. And Open Data Nation measures the value of open data in communities by monitoring, evaluating, and reporting how it is being put to good use.

La Nacion Data Blog: Our favorite Spanish-language blog cataloging and comparing the digital and technological revolution occurring around open data in Central and South America. La Nacion reminds us that open data revolution is global and growing!

Democracy Club: This volunteer club collects and distributes information about election candidates including reading their resumes, press releases, and election leaflets as well as find your nearest polling station. We want to see this come to the USA!

The complete list of companies being considered for Open Data Awards can be reviewed and downloaded here:

Image Credit: Steven Lilley