Newsletter: Keeping Up with Open Data Nation

Note: Open Data Discourse is now Open Data Nation!


On February 19th, Street Safety Challenge winners presented to the Neighborhood Long Term Planning Committee of the Cambridge City Council about their findings. Pictured here, winner Kris Fosmoe stressed the importance of targeting public safety funds to unsafe intersections and continuing to invest in open data and community engagement. Check out Kris's winning concept by watching his video on Facebook.





Transforming Governments with Open Data

It was ODD's pleasure to receive startup advice from author and entrepreneur Aneesh Chopra, the first CTO of the U.S. In the coming months, thanks to a generous offer, we're looking forward to incubating in Chopra's DC office.

The U.S. open data revolution and guiding principals of ODD are chronicled in Chopra's personal and compelling work, Innovative State.



Measuring Value of Open Data for Cities

Once data is open, ODD aims to catalyze the next wave of innovation, helping cities engage citizens to advance their economies, create new products that inform policies, and improve communities.

The Open Data Institute, our colleagues in the UK, published this guide to making open data investments sustainable, including advice on developing measurable outcomes.